The Clair Brothers 1.5AM is a high output 15”coaxial stage monitor with incredible low frequencyoutput. This portable, low profile, high outputstage monitoring speaker delivers incredible SPL,exceptional vocal reproduction, and unprecedentedlow frequency reproduction from a small enclosure.Designed for bi-amplification and custom processing(utilizing Clair Brothers amplification and processing),the 1.5AM is in a class by itself. No other productcan duplicate its combinationof performance, sizeand packaging.

The component at the heart of the 1.5AM is acustom coaxial assembly with the most powerfulcombination of woofer and compression driver onthe market in this size class. The high frequencycompression driver features a 2” throat diameter(4” voice coil diameter), a pure titanium 4”diaphragm with a titanium nitride coating and aneodymium magnet assembly. The driver is joinedto a 40° horizontal by 60° vertical rotatable horn.A 15” carbon fiber reinforced cone transducerprovides mid-bass and low frequency reproduction.The combination of our professional high-outputcomponents delivers exceptional performance.

Dual rear mounted EP-4 connectors (male andfemale) allow the use of multiple cabinets froma single amplifier. Low profile styling and flushmounted side handles provides great aestheticappeal and portability. The speaker grille isconstructed of aerospace grade 1/8” gaugeperforated aluminum and is specially treated tocreate a durable exterior finish.
Clair Brothers combines amplification, andproprietaryDSP processing in portable racks for allmonitor systems.Custom cabling for systems isavailable and can be pre-wired, labeled and deliveredin road cases.
As with all Clair Brothers products, the cabinet isconstructed of the finest Baltic birch and finishedwith a rugged polyurea paint to withstand the mostdemanding conditions.

Architect and Engineer Specifications
The loudspeaker shall be a two-way active system featuring a total of two drivers. The low frequency device is one 15 in. driver capable ofhandling 800 watts of pink noise with a 6 dB crest factor for 8 hours (as per EIA RS-426-A standard). The high frequency device is a 2 in. exit,4 in. voice coil diameter compression driver joined to a 40° horizontal by 60° vertical rotatable horn. The 4 in. driver is capable of handling 130watts (1 kHz to 10 kHz) of pink noise with a 6 dB crest factor for two hours (as per AES-1984 and ANSI S4.26-1984 standards). The signalprocessing is Clair Brothers proprietary data. The enclosure shall be constructed of premium grade Baltic birch and covered with a durableblack polyurea finish. The dimensions shall be 13.79 in. high, 25.0 in. wide, and 23.11 in. deep. The system weight shall be 68 lbs. (30.8kg).The loudspeaker shall be the Clair Brothers 1.5AM.

Audio Specifications

Loudspeaker Type Two-Way Coaxial Stage Monitor
Frequency Response 55Hz–18kHz (+/- 2dB) | 43Hz–20kHz (-10dB)
Recommended Power Amplifier 1300–2300W Peak @ 8 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 Watt @ 1 Meter) LF 99 dB SPL / HF 109 dB SPL
Maximum Output Peak 136 dB SPL
Drivers LF (1) 15 in. (381mm)/HF (1) 4 in. (101.6mm)
Nominal Impedance LF 8 Ohms/HF 16 Ohms
Power Handling LF 800W Cont. | 3200W Peak/HF 130W Cont. | 260W Peak
Dispersion 40° H x 60° V (Rotatable)
Input Connections Standard EP-4 Connectors (1 Male, 1 Female)*Optional NL4 Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Enclosure Shell Baltic Birch Premium Grade Finish Black Polyurea
Grille Aerospace Grade Perforated Aluminum,Foam Backed
Dimensions Width 25.00 in. (635.0mm),Height 13.79 in. (350.3mm),Depth 23.11 in. (587.0mm)
Weight 68 lbs. (30.8kg)
Shipping Weight 84 lbs. (38.1kg)