Clair Brothers 5CX loudspeaker has beendesigned as a hi-fidelity, small-format pointsource speaker. The frequency response isvery wide and high output for a device of itssize, 85Hz–20,000Hz (-10dB), allowing foruse for speech and music reproduction. The5CX features the latest in neodymium coaxialtransducer technology and a 70° conic constantdirectivity horn that offers precise coverage anda 5” woofer with a suspension that affords highoutput and wide bandwidth in a small enclosure.
The 5CX features a SpeakON In/thru connectorsas well as a single two position terminal strip.An internal passive crossover network providesthird-order filtering allowing for exceptionallyclear output with remarkable coherence throughthe crossover region. The 5CX is well-suited forfront fill applications with full PA systems just asit is equally well equipped to stand alone as amain speaker in a smaller environment.

Mechanical & Accessories:

Like its series companions, the 5CB and 8CX,the 5CX offers a seemingly unlimited numberof ways to rig and/or mount utilizing a family ofmounting accessories. The 5CX has (4) integralmounting points (M10 x 1.5 thread). Theaccessories include yoke mounting brackets forboth vertical and horizontal mounting positionsas well as tilt adaptors to enable pan and tiltin either configuration. The brackets also havea companion pole mount socket to allowunrestrained pan and tilt when used as a polemount speaker. Additional accessories include:threaded stud plates, pipe clamp mounts, chainrigging points, VESA tilt mount and array modetop-bar plates.
The 5CX is well-suited for down-firingapplications, such as large convention centersor high ceiling commercial spaces. In particular,the pair of mounting points available on eachpanel of the cabinet are spaced at the samespacing as slots on standard Unistrut hardware,allowing for exceptional compatibility incommercial integration projects. Please contactClair Brothers for more information regardingcoverage area planning and simulation.


The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way passive, coaxial point source loudspeaker cabinet featuring a total of (2) drivers. The frontof the enclosure shall be fitted with a perforated, powder coated steel grille backed with foam. The system shall have an amplituderesponse of 150Hz to 18,000 Hz (+/−2 dB). The loudspeaker system shall be loaded with one woofer; this low frequency driver shallbe 5” nominal diameter with 1.7” voice coil diameter capable of handling 100W of power as per AES Standard. The high frequencysection shall consist of a 1” voice coil diameter compression driver mounted on a 70°H x 70°V horn. The high frequency horn shall providecomplete pattern control over the bandwidth. The high frequency horn shall be a constant directivity conic profile. The driver is capable ofhandling 10 watts (1 kHz to 20 kHz) of pink noise with a 6 dB crest factor for two hours (as per AES-1984 and ANSI S4.26-1984 standards).The enclosure shall be trapezoidal in geometry, constructed with 15mm Baltic birch and covered with a durable black polyurea coating. Thedimensions shall be 9.0” high, 6.0” wide, and 6.0” deep. The 5CX enclosure shall incorporate four (4) integral rigging points, each with M10 x 1.5thread for mounting bracket attachment. The passive system weight shall be 9 lbs (4.1kg). The loudspeaker system shall be the Clair Brothers5CX-P-70 loudspeaker.

Audio Specifications

Loudspeaker Type Passive Coaxial Point Source
Frequency Response 150Hz-18kHz (+/- 2dB) | 85Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
Recommended Power Amplifier 200–300W @ 8 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 Watt @ 1 Meter) LF 92 dB SPL
HF 103 dB SPL
Passive 95 dB SPL
Maximum Output 118 dB SPL
Drivers LF (1) 5 in. (127mm)
HF (1) Exit 1 in. (25.4mm); VC diam. 1 in. (25.4mm)
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Power Handling 100W Program / 400W Peak
Dispersion 70° H x 70° V (Conic)
Input Connections NL4 SpeakON Connectors & 2-Position Terminal Strip

Mechanical Specifications

Enclosure Shell /15mm Baltic Birch
Finish /Black Polyurea Coating
Rigging Integral Rigging /Points M10 x 1.5 Thread
Grille Powder Coated Steel, Foam Backed
Dimensions Height 9.00 in. (228.6mm)
Width 6.00 in. (152.4mm)
Depth 6.00 in. (152.4mm)
Weight 9 lbs. (4.1kg)
Shipping Weight 10 lbs. (4.5kg)