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Platform X
Modular LCD display for the Icon Platform M and Platform Xcontrol surfaces, for extra channel

parameter viewing options when mixing with the eMotion LV1 mixer.

Platform D2 installs easily to your Platform M or X controllers. The large tilt-able backlit LCD display makes

it easier to monitor channel control values, plugin parameters and more.

You can view one parameter on Platform D2, while viewing other parameters on your computer screen –

or you can create more flexible setups, freeing you to position the main computer screen wherever you

want relative to your Icon Platform faders.
Display unit for the eMotion LV1 Platform M and X control surfaces
Large backlit LCD display
View channel names + control values for each channel
Adjustable tilt angle for flexible viewing positions
Simple installation to Platform M / Platform X controllers
Compact, durable and lightweight (1.49 lbs)


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