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Impact Combo for X32&M32
The complete, affordable system for mixing live with SoundGrid plugins directly on your X32 or X32-Producer mixer: Impact server, X-WSG I/O card, 6 Waves plugins, and more.

The X-WSG I/O Card is a Waves designed and manufactured product – for technical information please contact Waves. (MUSIC Group and its brands Behringer and Midas do not handle nor support this product.)

Take your live sound to the next level by connecting your X32 or X32-Producer mixer to the power of SoundGrid plugin processing via a single Ethernet cable. Run the included EQ, compression, delay, reverb and bass enhancement plugins on your mixer, or choose from hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins by Waves and other companies.
Mix, record and soundcheck with SoundGrid-compatible plugins
Designed for X32 and X32-Producer live mixing consoles
Real-time, low-latency processing for any live show or event
Includes X-WSG I/O card, SoundGrid Impact DSP server, MultiRack host application, six Waves plugins, network switch & three Cat 6 Ethernet cables


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